Getting Started Instructions

Our process is simple. We have broken down the getting started process into a few intuitive steps.
  • Open Agreement Package for one of our states
    • View State specific agreements now  In order to list your home on any MLS you must have an agreement in place with a licensed real estate agency.
    • Print off a copy of the state specific listing agreement package.
    • Read this and sign where applicable. Agreement contains. State agency disclosure, our agreement and addendum.
  • Select Property Data form page. Here.
    • Print and fill it out the best you can. If you do not know something skip it.
  • Fax the Listing Agreement Package and Property Data Form to: 617-326-0570,
    • After sending check for fax confirmation.      
  • Send photos to Once you do this our system will send you a message stating that we received the photos sent. Images files should be low resolution.  If you do not receive a message from us there's a good chance your images to did go through.  Please try again.
    • Exterior Photo: MLS requires at least one exterior photo.
    • Naming Photo FIles: Last-Name01, Last-Name02, etc. We will display images in the order of numbers. If you do not specify order we will decide for you.
  • We list all properties the same day if we receive during business hours.  Once we activate your listing we will send you a Welcome Email with a copy of your MLS listing along with the transactional forms and disclosures you will need.
If you have problems you may call us at 617-275-8100. 


Flat Fee MLS

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