How It Works

The process to list in Massachusetts is extremely simple. We tested out the process on a trained monkey Duane. He passed with flying colors.



Step One

Open up our listing agreement package.
Read the content within our listing agreement package
Sign where applicable.

The process is extremely simple. We tested out the process on a trained monkey Duane. He passed with flying colors.

Step Two

Select one of our Property Listing Forms. We have one for every type of property.
Print this document and fill it out to the best of your ability. If you are unsure about something we can figure it out for you.

Step Three

Take the signed Listing Agreement Package and the filled out Property Listing Form and form a little pile and fax it off to us.

Step Four

Take pictures of your home. MLS requires one exterior photo. Each MLS system has their own limit to the amount of photos they will allow. Generally ranges from 8-30 images depending on which MLS you are listing on. All photos get sent to our special photo email account.

That's It.

More on why our service works...

Our Flat Fee Listing Service works because we use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Giving your home unparalleled exposure to the market. Every time a property is listed on the MLS it becomes instantly featured on all the top real estate sites. When we say top, we mean top. Look at these comparison charts: We display your listing on the #1 Real Estate search site There is NO For Sale By Owner site that can compete. We deliver. Our listing service is the only way to effectively market your property in Massachusetts. MLS has over 29,000 members. Each day as many as 10,000 real estate agents are continuously searching the database for their buyers. Not only does placing listings on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) serve up listings for members but listings are displayed on various real estate related search sites.

Traditional Realtors will sell your home using the multiple listing service as the main sales agent and add a substantial commission of 5-6%. Hillman Real Estate saves sellers money and gives them the ability to list their home to thousands of potential buyers the very same way as traditional agents. Sellers have the opportunity to sell their home themselves. Buyers will contact you directly through Hillman Real Estate so that you can schedule the best time to show your home.

We have no hidden agendas and we are absolutely the most dedicated flat fee listing service in Massachusetts.

Our service works a lot differently than a traditional listing service in that we help you save thousands of dollars. By listing your home through our flat fee listing service you will automatically cancel out the listing side of the commission. For example, if you list through a traditional agency you will pay out approximately 5-6% of the total selling price. When you list through us your property you will decide how much you want to compensate an agent who brings you a buyer who purchases your home. If a buyer purchases your home without the help of an agent you pay nothing. All we charge is a small flat fee to list your home.

We list. You sell.™

Our process is simple. We will provide you, the seller, with a listing agreement that allows you to keep your For Sale By Owner status and enables you to get your home listed on the MLS and partner sites. In addition, we publish all our listings on and so you get maximum exposure at no extra charge.

For a one time flat fee we will work to provide you with all the home selling essentials that will make it easy for you to secure a deal. We don't just list your home for a flat fee we give you the support required to keep your efforts organized. Selling isn't as easy as it seems. We make sure your look like a professional. We explain how to work the buyers and agents alike.

Once you decide if listing through through our flat fee listing service is for you; we will send you our Listing Agreements and the MA Mandatory Licensee-Consumer Relationship Disclosure. VIEW FLAT FEE LISTING AGREEMENTS NOW and receive them within 30 seconds without obligation. You may also contact us any time via phone or email, 7 days per week to ask questions.

If everything looks good to you all you have to do is fax the information back to us and we we direct you to our listing form section so you can print and fill out your properties details. All questions on this form are straight forward. Most are multiple choice which makes this step simple. While filling out your property details you will be able to submit up to 30 photos that will be displayed on your listing at no extra charge. These photos can be sent via email.

Once your property is activated, we will maintain your listing and make as many changes as you request until your property is SOLD. We the quickest response time in the industry. All Real Estate Agents in Massachusetts working with qualified buyers will have access to your listing. If they are interested in showing your property they will call you directly to schedule an appointment at your convenience. If they call us we will direct them to you without delay.

We guarantee maximum exposure and exceptional service. Hear more about how we are different than our competition.


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