How It Works

The process to list in Massachusetts is extremely simple. We tested out the process on a trained monkey Duane. He passed with flying colors.

Step One

Go to our Agreement Wizard
Read the content within our listing agreement package
Sign where applicable.

Step Two

Select one of our Property Listing Forms. We have one for every type of property.
Print this document and fill it out to the best of your ability. If you are unsure about something we can figure it out for you.

Step Three

Take the signed Listing Agreement Package and the filled out Property Listing Form and form a little pile and fax it off to us.

Step Four

Take pictures of your home. MLS requires one exterior photo. Each MLS system has their own limit to the amount of photos they will allow. Generally ranges from 8-30 images depending on which MLS you are listing on. All photos get sent to our special photo email account.

That's It.

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