If you hire a traditional listing broker in Massachusetts to sell your home you will most likely be charged approximately 5% or 6% of the selling price. The Massachusetts listing broker will usually split this percentage with the Buyer's Agent for introducing the buyer and procuring the deal. MLS is all about sharing and agents working together to match sellers to buyers.

Unlike most real estate brokers we do not focus on how much the home sells for.  We feel that the amount the house eventually sells for is irrelevant because what counts is how much the seller takes home.  Are you confused yet?   Don't be. It's actually simple.  The National Association of Realtors always says that when a seller hires a Realtor their home usually sells for a higher price than if the seller was to list on their own as a For Sale by Owner.  This is great but the National Association of Realtors is missing something... When you hire a Realtor the house may sell for more, but the seller will take home much less after they pay out the full commission.  The National Association of Realtors seems to always forget about the bottom line when they say using a Realtor will help you sell at a higher price. 

Our one time flat fee automatically cancels out the traditional listing agents side of the fee. We take no commission. The only agent you would need to compensate would be the Buyer's Agent if they bring you a ready, willing and able buyer who closes. You decide how much you want to pay the the agents showing your home to buyers. It can be any amount you wish to offer. Although, we have no requirement for the amount of compensation that you should offer. We suggest that you offer an amount that is equal to the industry standard in your area. We do not care what you offer but in order to list on the Multiple Listing Service you must offer something to encourage agents to bring their buyers to your house. Buyer Agents are working day and night searching and showing homes. Everyday another home is added to the list. In order to get a Buyer Agent to introduce your home to one of their buyers you will need to entice them. The best way to motivate an a real estate agent is to wave commission percentages in their face. We will tell you what the average commission rate is in your neighborhood so you know what you should be offering. We know all markets.

However, if you find a buyer that is not represented by a real estate agent you do not have to pay anything. Nothing, nadda, no commission! We never take a listing commission. All we work for is our low flat fee.

By working with us for a flat fee you will save thousands of dollars and will have a great experience. We guarantee it!

We automatically cancel out the listing side of the commission - reducing the cost of selling by at least half.  This is how Massachusetts should be.
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