Unmatched Offerings

Since we are not your typical company we thrive on providing what other companies cannot and will not do.  Look around on the web and you will see tons of so called flat fee MLS services but none can match what we offer. 



We allow our sellers to make unlimited changes to listings and it will never cost you anything. We call these junk fees that are often thrown on top of the flat fee.  In this market changes can become a daily or weekly event.  A price change here,  an open house there and a picture swap can all add up over the course of a few months on the market. 

We give you all the state specific real estate forms and disclosures that you will need during a transaction for free. 

From time to time during the selling process you will need an ear.  We are here to help you figure things out.  We tell it like it is.  We take every listing seriously and we will never list your property and forget about you.  We are with you until the day you close on your property.  We encourage all our sellers to ring us up anytime when they need to vent.  Trust us, you will need to vent at some point.  Don't worry, it's normal. 

We make it simple for buyer agents to show your property. We have a showing scheduling service.  What does this mean? Well, when a buyer agent wants to show your home, they can either call us or they can call our showing service to schedule an appointment then the showing service will contact you to see if the day/time works for you.  Once you give them an answer they will call the buyer agent back and let them know.  We use this service because it helps us handle the call volume with receive and the service also has extended office hours, which makes it easy for buyer agents to call for appointments. Many of our sellers love this service because they prefer not to chat with Realtors unless they have to.

Not all agents use this option. Some call us directly. When they do this we provide them with your contact information.  If a buyer calls us about your property we will simply provide them with your contact information.  We do not badger buyers who call-in because the goal is to not scare them off.  We want to get them in touch with you right away.  If we ask them a bunch of questions like many agencies do they would most likely hang up which could cost you a showing or even a sale. If an agency says they will screen buyers before they provide your contact information do not list with them because consumers generally do not like pushy sales people. 

We are dedicated to streamlining the process for you and we know what we are doing.
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