Please follow these simple steps. We have made it really easy to get your property listed.  Please note, we no longer use property input forms because after doing hundreds, maybe thousands of listings, we have come to realize, our sellers prefer to walk around their homes and fill out the Property Input forms at their leisure. The forms are located here:  MLS Property Information forms by Hillman Real Estate (new window will open so you don't have to close this page.)

The Flat Fee Listing Agreement

MLS requires that all listings have an agreement in place.  The state also requires us to provide state disclosures.  We do everything by the book because we are legit.

Step 1: Open Agreement (Print, Read, Sign then Fax or Email it to us.) 

  Open Adobe PDF Agreement Package (credit card form included)

Online Payment Options 

The last page of the Listing Agreement Package has a credit card form. Alternatively, you may pay online. We use to automatically process credit cards. This method is secure.

Massachusetts MLS Listing without For Sale Sign ($325) 



Massachusetts MLS Listing with For Sale Sign ($355)  




Step 2: Print. Read. Sign Agreement and State Disclosure.

Step 3: You may scan / email the listing agreement package and property data form:


Step 4: Send photos to MLS allows 30 photos and they can be in any photo format. Please name the files in the order you want your photos displayed: 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc. If you do not name the files with numbers, we will select the best order. 


Buy a Sign. 

As of December 12/2015. 68.7% of our seller's who have used our sign, sold without an agent being involved.  Buyer's drove by and called the number on the sign. 

They are only $30 delivered priority mail for free. View our for sale signs here (pop up window will appear)



Give us a call.  If you need answers give us a ring. We are a real brokerage and we care. 

If you are unsure about something please give us a call at 617-275-8100. We answer and return calls regardless of the time. If you leave a message at 10PM, tell us we can call you back tonight and we will.  You may also email us with questions. Review the agreement so we can answer your specific questions.  



Don't want to sell? Renting is always a good option Rental Listing.

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